The Home Stretch

Well well well… Time certainly does seem somewhat ephemeral out here in the woods. A quick look at the date and not only are we in the last week of our woodland adventures, but we missed the birthday of our good friend and sometimes touring-buddy Chatesy. Sorry mate, and a belated happy birthday!

It has been a remarkable trip so far – it is such a different experience from what we are used to. Typically we have decamped to a studio somewhere in Australia, not far from a significant CBD, and generally too close to the local night-life. That has not been the case this time. Instead, we are living in more or less total isolation, punctuated only by the odd grocery run or a visit to Woodstock on a day off. It feels similar to what I imagined the navy used to be like- a room full of dudes slowly realising just how necessary women are to our hapiness.

We went to the nearest bar last night for a little day-off cheer, and it’s a 15 minute drive away. Thanks again to Josh our studio hand for the lift! We were the only people there for the most part, which meant we had a clear run on the pool table. The irony was not lost on us that we went out to see other people, saw nobody, and then played with balls all night.

Apart from that, it’s all been about recording, recording, recording. We took a slightly different approach this time musically speaking, where we didn’t have set-in-stone ideas about how songs would sound from the get-go, but have rather given them space to evolve as they will in the studio. We can hear the benefits of the approach now as the songs are really coming together and starting to sound like an album. Working with John O’Mahoney has been a real treat and he’s doing a good job of keeping us in line. Us: Are you sure the song doesn’t need three guitar solos in it? John: Yes.
Top stuff.

Oh, and the one significant thing to happen apart from recording and dinner were the near-fatal highway experiences of our own Drew Wootton and Paul Otway. A slight rumbling noise in the car turned out on closer inspection to be a wheel almost detached. It was hanging on with two nearly worn out lugs. Three had already snapped off entirely… And being on a cold highway in the dark with no phone reception kinda blows too… So in the end, many beers were drunk that night to celebrate life and the fact that we are still a five-piece, because 3-pieces are sooooo 90s. And kudos to Paulie for nailing his guitar takes late that night after the highway ordeal.

I’m being called back in for some vocal duties, so I’ll cut it short. We swore before this album that we’d have some girl singers on this record, but it looks like it’s just me again, trying to sound like a girl. It is depressingly easy – an artform I have perfected over the years. Oh well… as they say, don’t fight it.


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Moving right along

It’s almost a fortnight now we’ve been in the woods near Woodstock. It’s that time of year where the trees are all turning beautiful deep reds and golds, the bears are bunking down for their hibernation, and the local hippies lay down their pro-medicinal marijuana placards for the winter.

We’ve settled into a rhythm of sleep and recording, sleep and recording. So much so that we almost forget the diligent work of the studio hands; unplugging and repatching, moving amps and pianos, and ensuring the stock levels of nourishing alcohol. Thanks Josh and Adam, we couldn’t do it without you. It’s been great working with our producer John O’Mahoney too- a lovable Irish rogue if ever there was one. He drinks a great deal less than we had imagined though, which has probably saved this album from turning into a month-long “kegger,” in the local parlance. He has clearly been living among Americans too long, and we are seeking to repatriate him a little, at least in spirit (or with spirits).

There will be more photos soon from our time in the studio, and of our surroundings. It’s funny how fast we acclimatised- it seemed so exciting at first every time we saw a leaf fall or a squirrel darting across the branches, and now we can barely get any mileage out of the woodpecker gags that abounded early in the piece. Maybe it’s time we did some work…


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Going Up The Country, The Road There

LAX a breakfast beer at Malibu Al’s.

We arrive in N.Y. at 6am on Saturday to a beautiful Fall morning, clear blue skies and a faint breeze. Refreshing after the day spent cramped in the cabin flying in. After a quick dart we hit the highway 87 out. Here’s a few moments on the drive D

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The Panics first week in woodstock

Well the panics have well and truly begun what will become our fourth album here in woodstock, in upper new york state. We’ve found ourselves in a huge old white church perched on a hill over looking a reservoir, playing music to the sound of woodpeckers in the garden. The band is a few days in now and basically playing through the material, changing arrangements, altering lyrics and laying down a whole lot of drums. The songs are sounding excellent, some are being born before our eyes, others have been with us for the last couple of years, but all are sounding brand new. brilliant to be back in the studio and cant wait to show off the finished product and watch it unfold, we’ll be sharing as much of it with you along the way as we can, back tomorrow, here’s a couple of photos of the scene here, cheers, j.l.

Jerry doing the pitch

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Coming Soon!

More info coming soon!

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